Families To Matches

Our club is the most dynamically developing sports club in the city of Dabas and our region, and we attach great importance to our CSR. Dabas VSE KC set up Strategy Agreement with The Workplace for Families Foundation to work together to support the lives of local families.
Through our „Families to matches” program, we have set the goal of providing the families of the region free handball programs , as well as free participation for the children of the families in the Handball Youth Training program in Dabas.

We would like to say thanks for the outstanding support of Bro-Ker-Bét Ltd. And Trendház-2000 Ltd.

On 17th of February in 2018, Gábor Kiszel, Director of Bro-Ker-Bét Ltd., István Temesi, Chairman of Families for Workplaces Foundation, Zoltán Kőszegi, Mayor of the Dabas City, Róbert Balázs, Director of Trendház-2000 Ltd., Csaba Prohászka President of Dabas VSE KC Handball Club officially launched the joint work with lifting up the sponsor board.